Lucky Cactus App Reviews

Ruined my life

I redownloaded this app after deleting it a couple years ago. I remember it not really doing anything back then but I’ve been struggling with my relationship so I decided a little luck couldn’t hurt. Fast forward a few hours and my boyfriend breaks up with me. This app might bring BAD luck rather than good luck. Do NOT buy this app!!

Too Lucky?

It works; Don’t underestimate this cactus.

idk bro

i guess it works? i mean it’s alright. i had sum good days after tapping this.

Could be coincidence buuut

So I was super desperate for some good luck. My old dog passed away and I moved in with my bf and to cope I really wanted another one and his mom wouldn’t allow it no matter how many times we asked. Got the app, but instead of a dog she allowed us to get a cat (I love cats and the first thing she said is “No CaTs” lol. So we got one which is crazy cause she HATES cats. Another story, I applied a job I already applied at twice cause I wanna work there so bad and they denied me so many times. Tried again but used the app and what do you know they call me and got the job. Probably coincidence, can’t believe I paid $10. But idk could be working if you believe in luck lol

this is crazy

so at first i was like why in the world would anyone spend $10 on and app... much like everyone else before they got it.. but i got it because i’ve spent $10 on worse lol. My boyfriend and I had been arguing for a few days and he just told me that he wanted to break up for a while and I was devastated, i tried talking to him but he wouldn't listen.. so i got this app and started tapping at it and the heart and “yes” kept coming out of the cactus and i really didn’t think anything of it and about a half hour later my boyfriend called me and asked me to come over, and apologized for everything and now we’re back together and happier than ever... so i really recommend this app

Yeah but ugh

I love to tap my cactus for luck. But the loudest ads come on before u start and while ur tapping it. Monster high video that super annoying! For 9.99 you would think I didn’t need to see the same ad 3x’s while I’m watering and caring for my lucky cactus

Bad luck

Ever since I downloaded this app I been nothing but bad luck

I want a refund

Honestly don’t know what I was thinking but the most it’s worth is .99 cents. I feel like I got cheated out of my money.

Not worth it

It was a fun experiment but i didn’t notice anything different happen in my life- nothing excessively good nor excessively bad happened after I started using this app. I’m almost certain the other stories are fake or just coincidences.

What do you expect?

This is the worst $10 I’ve ever spent in my life. You can’t buy luck, yet for some reason I thought that buying a app with a digital cactus that all you do is tap on would give me luck? No. It doesn’t work. The developers just put a fake cactus on a screen and charged a lot of money for it because they knew most people wish their luck could be better. Believe me, if luck really could be bought, it wouldn’t be from a mobile app that costs $10.


I’ve had it for months, nothing but bad luck


Save your 10 bucks for something better definitely not worth it it’s just a cactus you tap you really don’t get good luck


It is official I am an idiot

i found money

i got día app and i found $6


several weeks ago, bts released the dates for their upcoming world tour and knowing how popular they are, especially where i live, i knew i needed a lot of luck in order to get these tickets. so, for some extra luck, i decided to purchase this app. at first, i was a little suspicious of the price, but soon learned that it may have been worth it. as each day passed until the tickets went on sale, i clicked on the little cactus for a few moments per day. finally, the tickets for one of the shows i planned on going to went on sale, and, you guessed it, i got them, and they were in the pit! only several minutes later did they sell out. a couple days later, the tickets for another show i planned on going to went on sale, and i got p1 level tickets for that show! again, they sold out very soon after. i do not know if this is the fault of this $10 app, but i’m going to convince myself that i spent my money wisely and that this app gave me that luck.

didn’t even notice this omg

so i downloaded this app clinically depressed about two or three months ago. around the same time i did, i became more optimistic, a lot less intense, and a lot more organized. i’m in a very very high point right now and everything just feels right. i didn’t even remember having this app until i was cleaning out my home screen, but i know the two events happened at the same time. maybe it was phycology or maybe it was just a coincidence but i’ve never been this good and this put hope in me for two days that sparked a completely different outcome on life and the world. my happiness and your happiness is worth more than ten dollars any day.


OK so I came across this ad on Facebook like 2 years ago and people were talking about Loki things happening to them after they downloaded it or use it or whatever so I want to go download it and started tapping it for a couple days but I ended up totally forgetting about the whole app. So about last week I saw another ad and remember that I still had the app so I started tapping on it every day and like three days go by I’m at the gas station and I looked down and I find 50 bucks on the ground and no one was around. maybe it was right place right time or I just got lucky but I don’t know.


Do not get this app. I was reading the good reviews and I was like oh seems legit maybe it will work. I got it yesterday and tapped on it before bed and this morning. And today all I got was BAD LUCK!!! Everything about today was horrible, and a lot worse than normal. I do not recommend.


such a piece of garbage 10/10 do not recommend

Please readdd!!

So i saw this app and thought “$10 really!?” but i got it anyway. and i tap the cactus a few times a day. and nothing bad have happened to me. some good things. but nothing amazing. but nothing bad has happened. so i think it’s pretty great. i’m not gonna lie and say some amazing thing happened to me. because nothing has. i recommend this app if you have the funds for it. if it would be using all of your money to buy it, i’d day don’t get it. but overall i think it’s cool


I bought this and thought it was dumb but it was worth a try. My dad was really upset about sometning I asked for that I needed and yelled at me and I tapped it a few times and asked again and he said yeah so calm it was weird. I hope more stuff will happen to see if this actually works !

best day of my life

i tapped the cactus all day and my long term crush forgave me for a really bad argument that caused us not to talk for 5 months and then my dad had completely remodeled my bathroom while i was at school and everything and my friend drove me around an orange grove and we had such an amazing time thank lucky cactus

I’m a believer! (Sort of)

Two stories where this app has worked. The day I downloaded it, (like 2-3 years ago) after tapping, I’m at work. I take a haircut, not expecting anything out of the ordinary, and at the end, my client tips me $35!!! (On a 15 minute $14 haircut) WHAT? Second story, two weeks ago, I was traveling to Chicago to go to Walker Stalker Con. I REALLY wanted to purchase a photo op with my favorite actor - Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but his were all sold out. I had heard that some tickets get returned and I may be able to score one. Well, three nights before the event, I turn to my husband and say “let’s see if the Lucky Cactus will come through for a returned photo op ticket!” (Joking, because every time I had checked- nothing) I tap the app, go to the website, scroll down, BOOM. “ONE TICKET LEFT”. Silly but makes a great lifetime story on how I got to meet JDM. ❤️😂


i’ve had this app for a little over a week i’m trying to find the cancle button but i’m stuck now! this has given me nothing but bad luck! with not only daily life but with friends and especially my dating life!! this is garbage


I was having a lot of problems with my friend. we even told each other to stay out of each others life. Then I downloaded Lucky Cactus. After I did that I was tapping almost each hour like 10 times. Then on my last tap I got a text from her. we started to fight. It was getting really bad but we were starting to work things out. Then both admitted that we wanted to be friends. We told each other what we thought and what we should change. we then decided that if we work on changing we could be friends. All in all lucky cactus help me. It was so bad I had to stay home from school. Hopefully the rest of the drama clears up using the lucky cactus! go download this now'

Waste of $10

Ever since I got this app I had the worst luck EVER!!!!!!!! This is totally a fake!!!! I’m sooo stupid for getting this app!!!!

I accidentally bought the app

I haven’t gotten any luck since I accidentally bought this 10 dollar app. I got my heart broken failed math lol. But it’s pretty funny how people make fun of me because I spent so much.

Um why

I’ve had this app for a few years now, used it everyday, doesn’t do anything for me, just continues on with my boring and awful life. Yah; i just wasted $10.!!!


Y’all I swear by this app. I’ve had it for a month and since then I’ve gotten a promotion at work, my mom got out of the hospital, my ex wants to make things work, and I hit my goal weight. I have not changed anything about my diet or done anything crazy. But y’all this app honestly works. Idk how, it doesn’t make any sense and I was so skeptical about it because it’s such a simple app for $10 buuuut I have no complaints!!! Give it a shot!

Luck or coincidence?

Okay y’all so I’m skeptical as hell for this app like the rest of you and idk if this is correlated or not but I downloaded it last night, and I just got $10 back from my optometrist because my copay was paid? I’m kinda excited to see if it works or not.


I got new Beats Headphones and I was treated to a meal at a really expensive restaurant. This app works. Thank you so much. :D


before i went to starbucks i was rapping the lucky cactus religiously. so i was at starbucks in line and for easter i got a five dollar five card. i really wanted a drink and a sandwich, but i only had enough for one. so i got the sandwich and proceeded to the drive thru checkout line. once i got there i was greeted by the cashier and he said “hey would you like a free drink on the house?” moral of the story the lucky cactus does work.


After tapping the cactus about 5 time I walked into my room and scrapped my back down my dresser and now I have a horrible scab :( lol, why did I think this would work


bought this app for good luck, someone threw a speaker at my head right after i started tapping it. 10/10 do not recommend.

Is it real ????

I have only had this app for about 10 minutes but I keep on reading that it’s cursed and I'm low-key freaking out .... I don’t know if I believe all the good reviews I’m scared q

This is not luck

if you look at all the crazy reviews you see “oh I got a new iPhone” and stuff like that. Well that’s just shear coincidence. But it works. It’s the placebo affect. You think the game gives you luck and you think the day will go better. It tricks your brain into thinking everything is just better- even the bad things. This app should be called Optimistic Cactus because it makes you look at the world differently.

So far...

So I just purchased this app thinking, ‘well, $9.99 is a bit much but hey, it’ll at least be a little tap tap game to keep my fingers busy’ but I’m highly disappointed with the app at the moment. I’m not really a believer in the whole ‘it brings you luck’ thing so this review is going to be as if it were a game. So, for starters, I’m disappointed with the design of the app, literally its just a yellow back ground with a cactus, it could at least be where you can accessorize your cactus to make it more you, and change the background if you want. However, game developers, if you do make these changes and I hope you do, then I highly recommend lowering the price of the app.

The Dark Souls of Cactus Apps

I spent $10 on this and I have to live with that fact for the rest of my life

It’s the little things

I was definitely on the edge with purchasing an app for “good luck.” But I’ve honestly been surprised with how well it’s been working out. I mainly downloaded this because I wanted one wish to come true, it certainly didn’t but there’s so many little things happening. Since I bought the app I been receiving phone calls and emails for job interviews, having better luck financially, and had someone from a past relationship come back in my life that I couldn’t be more happy with. I’m definitely a superstitious person and this app is something I tap everyday and I’m excited to see what else happens. I definitely think it’s worth the purchase!

All hail Lucky Cactus

Lucky cactus bring me much wealth and happiness! Many fortune and gold doubloons! All hail lucky cactus! Hail!

this sounds dumb

Ok, so I saw the $10 and was really astounded by that, I really didn't trust this whatsoever, but I could use the luck. I've been best friends with my crush for years, and he's always known I liked him. Within ten minutes of downloading the app, he already started replying immediately to my messages in group chats.. it doesn't seem like a big deal, but he's never responsive in groups, and now every time I send a message, I get a response from him? It definitely doesn't mean he likes me, but he's my best friend so I enjoy talking to him


So at first I was very very skeptical. I mean no way a $10 app would give me luck and i had always thought it would be a big waste of time and money. I got to tapping for a bit maybe 5 minutes. Sounds stupid, but my best friend who was grounded got to talk for a day. Me thinking it was just a coincidence I kept it but used it less. Now today, I get the news my previously broken MacBook would be getting fixed tonight and I can get it back tomorrow, instead of the estimated week. For 100 dollars less. Next I learn my long distance boyfriend might be coming to meet me, months before the original planned date, super suddenly. Like tomorrow or Friday! I love you lucky cactus! This is worth the 10 dollars. I have had a terrible past 2 months, everything went wrong until I got this!

Take The Chance

$10 is a lot to spend on an app, and maybe it was the positive energy I continued to carry after using the app daily. Either way, this cactus has brought me luck from either: driving on a super low tank while on the other side of town and making it, wondering how I’m going to make ends meet on bills or food while being unemployed, or even landing the job I’ve been wanting. I’m not saying this app is going to work for everybody, but it sure has worked for me. 2017 has been a crazy ride for me, and this lucky cactus has helped me through it - not immediately but through patience. I do not regret the money or time spent, thank you again. 🌵💕

Not sure why I got this but I’m not mad

Got this app. Paid $10 for it. Yes I’m crazy. 10$ for a virtual cactus. But I haven’t necessarily had bad luck with it so I’m giving it 4 stars. Not sure it actually does me any good but it makes me feel as if it is mentally so 👍🏼

Don’t let $10 change your mind .

I was iffy about this app and paying for it . These past two months I’ve been going through a lot . Brother moved , out , the father of my child I am pregnant with is locked up and they think Ive lost my baby and to top it off my mom is suicidal . I downloaded this app two days ago because I don’t have hope anymore , I press it everytime I think of the app . Tonight my mom tried to commit suicide and I tried to stop it and tried and eventually had to leave not at my own will . I didn’t know if she was alive or not , haven’t been able to sleep . I went to the app and pressed it until I got a heart . 10 mins later I get a text saying she is okay . If you need hope and luck I recommend this . I don’t know how it works but it does and I’m grateful

More like UNlucky cactus

I pressed this cactus all day everyday for a week. My already terrible life got unbelievably worse. I want my ten dollars back. RIP OFF!!!!!!

Helps My Anxiety

I bought this accidentally but, It obviously doesn’t actually do anything. It’s just a placebo.


This is so stupid!!!! It said I didn’t have to pay and then it costed me $10.47!! I’m so mad


So I bought the app and it works love it! But now I can’t use it! Updated my phone now it just says to contact the seller , well idk who to contact but I really wanna use my app 😔😔

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