Lucky Cactus App Reviews

The Dark Souls of Cactus Apps

I spent $10 on this and I have to live with that fact for the rest of my life

It’s the little things

I was definitely on the edge with purchasing an app for “good luck.” But I’ve honestly been surprised with how well it’s been working out. I mainly downloaded this because I wanted one wish to come true, it certainly didn’t but there’s so many little things happening. Since I bought the app I been receiving phone calls and emails for job interviews, having better luck financially, and had someone from a past relationship come back in my life that I couldn’t be more happy with. I’m definitely a superstitious person and this app is something I tap everyday and I’m excited to see what else happens. I definitely think it’s worth the purchase!

All hail Lucky Cactus

Lucky cactus bring me much wealth and happiness! Many fortune and gold doubloons! All hail lucky cactus! Hail!

this sounds dumb

Ok, so I saw the $10 and was really astounded by that, I really didn't trust this whatsoever, but I could use the luck. I've been best friends with my crush for years, and he's always known I liked him. Within ten minutes of downloading the app, he already started replying immediately to my messages in group chats.. it doesn't seem like a big deal, but he's never responsive in groups, and now every time I send a message, I get a response from him? It definitely doesn't mean he likes me, but he's my best friend so I enjoy talking to him


So at first I was very very skeptical. I mean no way a $10 app would give me luck and i had always thought it would be a big waste of time and money. I got to tapping for a bit maybe 5 minutes. Sounds stupid, but my best friend who was grounded got to talk for a day. Me thinking it was just a coincidence I kept it but used it less. Now today, I get the news my previously broken MacBook would be getting fixed tonight and I can get it back tomorrow, instead of the estimated week. For 100 dollars less. Next I learn my long distance boyfriend might be coming to meet me, months before the original planned date, super suddenly. Like tomorrow or Friday! I love you lucky cactus! This is worth the 10 dollars. I have had a terrible past 2 months, everything went wrong until I got this!

Take The Chance

$10 is a lot to spend on an app, and maybe it was the positive energy I continued to carry after using the app daily. Either way, this cactus has brought me luck from either: driving on a super low tank while on the other side of town and making it, wondering how I’m going to make ends meet on bills or food while being unemployed, or even landing the job I’ve been wanting. I’m not saying this app is going to work for everybody, but it sure has worked for me. 2017 has been a crazy ride for me, and this lucky cactus has helped me through it - not immediately but through patience. I do not regret the money or time spent, thank you again. 🌵💕

Not sure why I got this but I’m not mad

Got this app. Paid $10 for it. Yes I’m crazy. 10$ for a virtual cactus. But I haven’t necessarily had bad luck with it so I’m giving it 4 stars. Not sure it actually does me any good but it makes me feel as if it is mentally so 👍🏼

Don’t let $10 change your mind .

I was iffy about this app and paying for it . These past two months I’ve been going through a lot . Brother moved , out , the father of my child I am pregnant with is locked up and they think Ive lost my baby and to top it off my mom is suicidal . I downloaded this app two days ago because I don’t have hope anymore , I press it everytime I think of the app . Tonight my mom tried to commit suicide and I tried to stop it and tried and eventually had to leave not at my own will . I didn’t know if she was alive or not , haven’t been able to sleep . I went to the app and pressed it until I got a heart . 10 mins later I get a text saying she is okay . If you need hope and luck I recommend this . I don’t know how it works but it does and I’m grateful

More like UNlucky cactus

I pressed this cactus all day everyday for a week. My already terrible life got unbelievably worse. I want my ten dollars back. RIP OFF!!!!!!

Helps My Anxiety

I bought this accidentally but, It obviously doesn’t actually do anything. It’s just a placebo.


This is so stupid!!!! It said I didn’t have to pay and then it costed me $10.47!! I’m so mad


So I bought the app and it works love it! But now I can’t use it! Updated my phone now it just says to contact the seller , well idk who to contact but I really wanna use my app 😔😔

doesnt work with ios11

the app needs to be updated in order to work with ios 11 please update!

need update

i bought this a long time ago and i paid 10 dollars for it !!! and now i cant even use it because the app designers need to update. please update soon


It's great


Okay, so I downloaded this app because it had so many reviews "good" reviews. so I took care of my cactus. Every time I tapped on the cactus for I guess good luck I would have so much bad luck. I was doing fine before I got this app. So right after I starting using it idk it was bad news all the dam time I then began to think it was this app, once I deleted it. My problems fell into place. It was super weird tbh. But idk maybe everyone has a different experience than mine. I personally don't recommend. My review is 100% real!


I may sound crazy but this app is actually cursed. I'm always a sucker for buying these kinds of dumb things so I figured I'd give it a try after purchasing everytime I clicked on the app something bad would happen. It took me a while to realize it always happened after I used this app. It's gotten to the point where if I click on it everyone I know becomes on edge cause they know something bad is going to happen. So far within 24 hours of clicking it some things that accursed were a death, a wreck, and a breakup. Some other weird things about this app is that it downloaded onto my home screen and kicked another app out without my doings, then when I tried to relocate it my phone glitched and took it right back to where it was. I've also tried deleting it but it always somehow comes back. DO NOT SUCKER YOURSELF OUT OF TEN DOLLARS FOR AN APP THAT HAS CAUSED BAD LUCK CAUSE ONCE YOU HAVE IT YOU ARE STUCK


back in 2015-2016 my boyfriend had broken up with me and it had been three months. At the time, I had missed him dearly and when I came across this app, read the reviews, and decided to buy it because I was heart broken. Without having the intentions of thinking it would work, the next day my ex started tweeting that he missed me, by that week we got together and went out as friends, following week we were back to dating and rekindled our relationship. I'm telling you guys it works, the price is overwhelming, but after me randomly just getting my luck, I would say do not hesitate and just try it. You never know what the lucky cactus may bring you


Soooo I bought this app about a week ago mainly because I needed some good luck. Since then some of my friendships have improved and I've had an amazing vacation. I met my favorite football player and just had so many good things happening to me lately. Giving it 4 stars because I've only had it for a week and I'm still a little skeptical about it but other than that it's awesome!

it works!

I don't have any drastic stories but if you have ten dollars you are not going to spend, it's worth it. 😩


I've been tapping this stupid cactus for months and nothing has happened except for I now have a huge blister on my finger that has now become infected. My doctor says he may have to amputate it!!!! So much for good luck!!!


I was over charged like many other people and refused a refund.

Lucky 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

I have social anxiety and sky father sign me up for this huge basketball camp. The last time I tried doing something that big was about a year ago, I had an attack the night before and while driving to it. My father pulled over to side of the road to help stabilize my breathing, about 10-15 minutes later he got back onto the road and drove me to the camp, and it wasn't fun. Last night, I knew that I would have an anxiety attack and he would make me go. So I bought lucky cactus, and started tapping. Today when I started to panic, my father said, " Okay, I can see that isn't going to work out." THANK YOU LUCKY CACTUS!!😘🌵

Needs to be updated!!!

I love this app and can't express how much it's helped. Can't explain it but it's been a blessing. It REALLY needs to be updated though because iOS isn going to support it...for spending $10 on an app it should be updated!!


THIS APP CHANGED MY LIFE. I bought this in hopes of being able to bear a child though I was told it was physically impossible due to body complications. When I saw the app I thought to myself 10 dollars is to much, but then I finally gave into my wanting. 4 months ago I found out I was pregnant... WITH TWINS!! This app is incredible. This little cactus is the best thing I've ever experienced.


When my dad was out for a couple minutes and came home I was hoping if he found a job or a car and yet he finally bought one! And I can't believe I bought this for 10.00 but still worth it


I literally thought this was a scam and all the reviews were fake until today. I saw an ad on instagram yesterday and looked it up in the App Store. Like everyone else, I was thinking $10?! But I bought it anyways and tapped for a while. Since nothing happened, I tapped again today and at Starbucks I ordered a grande and only payed for a grande and I got a venti. I know this seems like a small mistake but then something even more out of the ordinary happened. In order to go on a certain vacation my brother had to lose all his baseball games today, and they're 8th in the state so we all figured they would win and we wouldn't go on our trip. However, they lost BOTH games and only need to lose one more tomorrow for us to be able to go on our trip. Maybe these things are just happening on their own, but I believe it was the lucky cactus because I usually have bad luck!


I won two uno games!!!!

You have to hear this

So I downloaded the app, thinking about how stupid I was for wasting 10 dollars. I was walking in the park with my dog, and noticed something weird sticking out of a bush. It was I wad of ben franklin's and they totaled to a hundred thousand no lie this is the most amazing thing worth ten dollars when the luck gives back more


Ok so You know like always I made an account to mess with my friends on Instagram and I was giving it to my friend to mess with her bc and see if he would cheat on her and I forgot the password and I was like what I've spent HOURS trying to figure it out right and I go on Instagram and see this ad for this app and I'm like maybe it will help me remember so I go to the App Store and I'm like no. Hell no its 10$ that's crazy this won't work! WELL THEN I RWSD THE REVIEWS and I was like ok fine I'll do who cares if my dad yells at me for spending 10$ on an app. And I went on it and I taped it and tapped it and I look away for five seconds and I'm like maybe I should try Katy123 and IT WORKED FOKES IM BLOWN OUT OF THIS WORLD THIS 10$ APP THAT LOOKS RETARDED WORK it must be some psychological thing! Like holy WHAT!!!!

Don't download please

I was hoping for happiness and friends... after 4 hours of using the app I got the opposite, There is this website called Sarahah and I asked people to give an honest opinion on me, I only got hate and all of an sudden people where calling me out worst night ever please don't download.

Two words.

Terrible app.

This game gave me bad luck.

Got this game with hopes it would bring a little luck to my life. Same day I got it I was asked to move out of my childhood home. (I've never moved before this is the only place I've ever called home) within the same week I managed to break my phone camera, my father and I got in a huge fight and are not currently talking, been let down by 3 different people since, currently fighting with my mom and now I have to sell my truck. Finally deleted the app today so maybe I'll get some good luck back. So if your like me sitting here considering buying it or not. I wouldn't. It's not worth it. Save yourself $9.99.

It actually works....

I recently went through a bad break up and I was in terrible moods all the time just playing on my phone but when I was on my phone looking through Facebook and I saw this app. I heard about it before but thought it was ridiculous to pay $10 dollars on a "lucky" app. But I was bored so I decided to buy it and after a few days of tapping my ex texted me and said he missed me. I turned him down and found a new boyfriend. It actually works....

Thank You!

I've always been a generally unlucky person. The worst and most bizarre things always happen to me. After my boyfriend and I broke up due to his psycho roommate physically attacking me without provocation (an example of my bad luck). I said well hey I just lost my best friend and my bad luck just seems to get worse. I might as well throw $10 on this app because of the reviews, I've wasted that much on plenty of other disappointments.... I started tapping the app. A male model from one of my classes that I had been eyeing all semester asked me out on a date and we had a wonderful time. Then I went home which I rarely do because my father is a raging alcoholic. This is the first time I've visited him and he has been relatively sober, hasn't screamed at me at all, and HE BOUGHT ME A BRAND NEW CAR. I'm going to keep tapping on this little lucky cactus!

Legit works

Love this app


lol i have the worst luck w literally everything & i bought this app like 3 days ago & nothing is getting better, it's actually gotten worse bc my bf broke up w me yesterday :) good luck right


so I bought this app after I saw the reviews but I was still a little skeptical. I got a gift card and was like "screw it" and I bought it... Little did I know that the next day my parents would buy me a freaking laptop!! Luckiest app ever!


So I said omg 10$ but I saw the revues which were good but the lucky cactus is horrible it gives no "luck" it gives me bad luck when I went to six flags the car broke down then I threw up on the ride then we got lost and I tapped it a lot of times I also had this for about a week


I downloaded this and the next day my crush started texting me!!! that's just one of the many good things that happened to me in only the FIRST DAY!!! THIS APP IS SO WORTH IT!!!

Hope and Positivity

I bought this app today and I just want to say how great it is. However it's not what you think, it doesn't actually give you luck, but it gives you hope and positivity and it makes you feel good. Which makes good things happen. It's worth the $9.99 because it makes you feel positive when things are bad. It's gives you hope.


I never believe these things but thought the hell with it. WITHIN FIVE MINUTES I got a call from my boyfriend who's been in rehab who wasn't allowed to use the phone so I had no contact w him at all for so long! I couldn't believe my eyes!

I am shocked.

Okay so I got this app a few years ago, nothing ever really happened until I just was tapping the cactus at work yesterday because I was bored. I didn't think anything of it. So today, I woke up at 7:30 today all energetic and I got so much stuff done today! So it's late at night, winding down, my dad screams saying that we won! (The lottery). lol I'm like no way. But then he says it again. We won the lottery.

Gave Me Bad Luck

I got it and spent $10 on it to help me pray to get into college and instead i got rejected/waitlisted 9 places in a row since getting this app...... don't do it

Not sure yet?

So I got this app maybe a few weeks ago and just occasionally tapped it. My boyfriend & I of 2 years was going through a rough time and finally things got better after I bought the app.. not sure if I believe in the luck yet though. We will see 🤗


I swear this is fake I wasted 10 bucks on a thing that almost killed I tapped the stupid cactus and 30 minutes later I had an asthma attack and almost died I want a refund

Got the job!

Okay, so I bought this two days ago and have been tapping it here and there. I tapped it last night and today I went to IHOP where I submitted an application as a server. I have no serving experience so out of all the places I've applied no one has wanted to hire me due to no experience. So I went in today and the manager asked if I wanted to start tomorrow! Unfortunately I can't start tomorrow but she wants me to come in Friday to do paperwork! Coincidence? I don't know but it's amazing either way!

Pays for itself

After I got the app I found ten dollars on my desk and have good luck every time I tap it

Best $10 I've ever spent

This app is amazing. At first, I didn't want to spend $10 on a app, I question myself and say do I really wanna spend $10? So I read the Facebook comments and 97% of them were positive. After I purchase it, I was so excited...I kept seeing two icons popping up it was a briefcase and car. I had a incident with a coworker and I was hoping I'll keep my job, and I did🙌🏽...after that I got my license the same week and two weeks I got blessed with a car. Lucky cactus🌵 is the best thing anyone has made, I will argue someone down if they feel this app isn't worth it, because it is. Thank you lucky cactus.

Such a coincidence omg

I used the app & the sign showed money and not even 20 minutes I found 5$ in a pair of pants.

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