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I really want a refund. This thing doesnt work please dont be stupid like me and buy it out of curiosity.


first off, let me say reading 99% of the "good" reviews, every person had something bad happen to them, and all this app does is make them look at the bright side. i bought this app about 7 months ago in hopes that luck would come my way. soon after i got it, some bad stuff started happening. i got kicked out of school for something that i had nothing to do with, and i failed the year, i ended up doing online school and i failed all my classes. im an a-student so i would have never expected it. i feel like this app makes bad things happen, but they dont turn out as bad as they could. and when people tap the cactus, it makes them more optimistic about the bad things that happen to them and they think they got "lucky" that it didnt turn out worse. i spent $10 on a piece of crap, please do NOT spend your money this way.


So i came across this Facebook add that advertised the lucky cactus app and then saw the $9.99 price, I thought to myself $10 for an app where all you do is tap a cactus XD Well i said screw it and I just bought it. I knocked myself out tapping the thing for about 30 minutes. A week had passed and I tought this app is just a bunch of BS. But then that same day for some reason I finally had the courage to leave my abusive boyfriend of 2 years, and then a few hours later the guy that had been one of my best friends for a long time confesed his love to me -and asked me to be his gf, and the next day my mom paid me $500 she owed me and i had forgotten about. Also my now new boyfriend finally got a job after having applied at multiple places for 2 years and never got an answer back. Whether it was the lucky cactus or just destiny im the happiest person ever at the moment.


Ok so I went to buy this and was super hesitant because I was sure that all the good reviews were paid for and that I was gonna be wasting my money. I was so wrong. I was going through a rough patch (like a midlife crisis) and so I bought this app. Im having so much success in my career, Ive made so many new friends, and I got over my ex boyfriend. I attribute all of that to the lucky cactus. So thank you, lucky cactus. I love this app.


It helps you put what you want out into the universe. Ever read the book "the secret"? Same concept. Great way to live. Putting out good energy into the universe & having it come back to you !

$10 for happiness? YES! ❤️

I bought this app on a whim about 6 months ago. I was in a really bad place. I couldnt find a new home, staying in hotels and spending most of my check on it. I saw a bunch of posts about this app and when I finally went to download I was SO SKEPTICAL because I rarely had money as it is and I didnt want to waste $9.99 but I did. I downloaded it. Tapped it before I went to sleep for a few nights. Just as I was about to settle for a terrible home I saw, a GREAT landlord called me, lowered the monthly rent, and even took me and my family out to eat. Sometimes I think back to this app and I wonder how this miracle happened. But I will forever be grateful!!! ❤️❤️❤️


I dont know how but this works like crazy

Use caution

I cant say that it was "lucky", but...some good things have happened since I got this app. More like a "good coincidence" kinda lucky-but it does help

I paid $10 for this app

What is wrong with me ?

This is crazzzzzyyyyyy

Before I got this app I read the reviews and was reluctant to waste 10$ on an app, but I did it anyway, and it literally works. After I got the app that day my mom bought me a pair of new boots (mind you she never spends money like that) and I also showed my friends the app and was telling them it really works and after pressing the cactus a couple of times, I went to work later that day and got a promotion. I promise its worth the money.


I actually do have good luck with the app but after a few days, I start getting bad luck. really weird


downloaded and received $1,000 about 2 hours later

I only gave it 5 stars so people would see this

This app is kinda a waste of money. I bought it thinking oh okay the reviews are amazing, but in reality all I did was waste 10 dollars I couldve bought more songs with instead of a app that has a little cactus that you tap. NOT WORTH THE MONEY

Im in tears...

Its a long story but all I have to say is it will work. Itll bring you hope. Whats $10 when youre in need of some hope....

Wow, just wow.

This app is totally worth it. Like... Wow.

Just bought it yesterday

The first boy Ive ever been in love with broke up with me on Christmas Day. I was more heartbroken than Ive ever been. I couldnt sleep, eat, all I could do was cry. Nobody wanted to help me, and I felt like he hated me. We have every class together at school and we used to FaceTime every night. Last night he asked me to FaceTime him for the first time since Christmas and even though I was busy and I couldnt call him, it gave me hope. While I used this app I pray/ wish to the cactus (as stupid as that sounds) that my wish will come true. This app is my last hope of being happy again.

"I believe"

Just bought this app, Ive been NEEDING some good luck towards my way. I thought how could $10 make it any worst. So I bought the app. Hoping tomorrow is a better day. & maybe Ill be happy again. #FingersCrossed #IBelieve



Unlucky so far

I thought I would try it and I could use a little extra luck.Everything turned out worse than expected!

Cant believe this !!!

Last night I was on my lucky cactus app tapping it into money signs came up! Later on the next morning at work I was counting something and a customer came in and handed me $100 and I just looked at him and said well do you want to buy scratchers what is this for ? So confused . He looks at me and says happy New Years !! What so that ten dollars that I paid for the app definitely came back to me !!

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